• reasons not to skip breakfast6 Reasons NOT to Skip Breakfast

    Are you a "morning person"? I am most definitely not a morning person!   I have never been one of those chipper “rise and shine” girls, and, I don’t think that I will ever become one.  Frankly, I’d prefer to not even speak until noon.  So, for all the folks who would rather sleep an extra thirty […]






This week's featured recipe is from Shelby at fitasamamabear.com. 

If you think oatmeal is healthy but boring - her recipes will change your mind!  Her awesome spins on this B-complex rich food will turn your breakfast from the most important meal of the day to the most delicious! 

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    Calories in/calories out is such a simple concept – it is the underlying principle behind all weight loss and most of us get it wrong.   Unlike other nutritional aspects of food, such as sodium, fat, protein, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, calories are neither healthy or unhealthy; they are simply a measure of energy. There are […]