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    Calories in/calories out is such a simple concept – it is the underlying principle behind all weight loss and most of us get it wrong.   Unlike other nutritional aspects of food, such as sodium, fat, protein, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, calories are neither healthy or unhealthy; they are simply a measure of energy. There are […]

Friday Thoughts

This week I'm obsessed with fitness/weight loss.  It seems like everyone I know has just started on a new weight loss program or nutrition program...is something in the water? Personally, I admit I've been slacking a little on my own routine this summer.  I'm using the crazy heat and a lack of time for my excuses but it's time to step up my game and hit the weights more consistently.
 A lot of folks have asked if I'm going to be adding to the Food Facts section - and the answer is "YES!"  A new infographic on fish is now on the page and I'll be adding one on veggies and one on fruits this week. 
I'm also working on a newsletter for subscribers only that should be ready to launch next month!
This weeks'  article is all about calories in/calories out.  It was inspired by lunch with a friend who added a 600 calorie slice of cheesecake to her meal and confidently declared "I'll run it off in the morning!"
And, as always, my goal is to provide practical information about food that adds value to your everyday life (and wallet).  If you have questions or a topic you'd like to see, please let me know. And, if you'd like to receive notification of new posts, just enter your email (never shared) and subscribe! Thanks for reading and subscribing.