Are you a student...working full time...caring for a family?  At one time I was juggling all three roles.  I'm Yolanda and I wear a dozen hats including wife, mom, Navy Veteran, former stress counselor, gardening fanatic, food knowledge enthusiast and aspiring writer. And I know first hand that sometimes it's darn hard to keep all the balls in the air.

As a stress management counselor I created and led workshops, facilitated groups, taught classes and worked one on one to help folks deal with the curveballs life lobs our way. As a food service professional, I've created new menus, helped open new restaurants, trained an army of cooks and chopped enough vegetables to fill a stadium!

I can't give you more hours in the day, more money in your bank account, or turn you into a professional chef. But, I can help you learn to organize, better manage your stress levels, budget more effectively, increase your food knowledge and unleash your inner creativity.

If you have questions, a suggestion for an article on any topic, or even a recipe you'd like to submit please e-mail [email protected]  I try to respond to all emails within 24 hours.