Six Reasons You Should Be Cooking With Cast Iron Skillets

I know, I know, cast iron skillets are old-fashioned, they aren't available in pretty colors, you can't coordinate with your kitchen decor, they are heavy, expensive, clunky and hard to store in a small space.  But, if you only have one piece of cooking equipment in your kitchen - it needs to be a cast iron skillet.  
I admit I have flirted with copper and danced with ceramic.  But, in the end, I always go home with the one who brought me to the dance:  cast iron skillets.  There is simply no comparison.
  1.  Cast iron skillets will last you decades.  Seriously, decades.  What other pieces of equipment or cooking utensils do you have that will not remain useful in the next ten years - but if cared for will actually be better. Go check it out...I'll wait.
  2. Cast iron skillets, if correctly cleaned and seasoned, do not require non-stick oil or chemically coated sealing to cook without sticking.
  3. Cast iron skillets are a natural, effortless way to increase the iron content of your foods.
  4. Cast iron skillets cook with an intense, but even heat, perfect for creating crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside meats.
  5. Cast iron skillets move effortlessly from the stove top to oven.
  6. Cast iron skillets require less oil for cooking
To properly clean and season a cast iron skillet simply use a stiff brush and hot water (never, ever soap), dry completely with a clean cloth or paper towels, cover the bottom with a layer of salt and oil and heat until the oil begins to smoke. pour out the salt/oil mixture and wipe the bottom and sides of the skillet with a clean cloth or paper towels until the surface is smooth.
You can buy a set of three in most discount stores for around $80, on Amazon for under $50, and, if you spend a little time looking, for considerably less at places like flea markets, Goodwill and yard sales.
6 great reasons why a cast iron skillet should be in every kitchen #cast iron skillets